You can no longer buy these products in Biedronka – a list. This is an assortment from Russia and Belarus. Check the list of recalled brands

You can no longer buy these products in Biedronka. The well-known chain withdrew products from its offer that are manufactured in Russia and Belarus. This decision is related to the attack on Ukraine. In total, Biedronka decided to recall sixteen products. See what’s on the list.

According to the Biedronka network, on March 1, Russian and Belarusian products, marked with EAN codes, which start with numbers in the range 460-469 and 481, have been withdrawn.

Therefore, on the shelves of the Biedronka chain, we will not find, among others Russian vodkas, sweets and care products. In fact There are 16 recalled products.

– We support our Ukrainian friends. Together with aid organizations, we help war refugees by donating products. Another step in solidarity with Ukraine is our lack of consent to the presence of Russian and Belarusian products in Biedronka’s offer. Even if there were only a dozen of them, we believe that it should be done now – explains Maciej Łukowski, director of the purchasing department and Member of the Board Biedronka network.

Which brands are on the recall list? See in our gallery what you will not buy in Biedronka. Details below.

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