You can cry, but Hamilton can’t really complain about last year


Saturday, January 15, 2022, 09:51

The 1978 world champion thinks Lewis Hamilton would hurt himself if he didn’t start in Formula One this year. According to him, the British should not even complain about 2021, he has been favored several times.

One of the living legends of the racing circus definitely believes Hamilton will not stop racing and will be there on the grid for the 2022 season. The FIA ​​did make some highly controversial decisions in the final race, but Andretti pointed out that Hamilton had received favorable judgments and decisions at least as many times throughout the year.

“It’s hard to think differently, but I think it would be best if you decided to go out on the field and show them who’s faster. I would advise Lewis on this. That in itself would be a huge incentive for me to win my eighth world title to be on the top of the perpetual rankings alone. What other seduction could I want? There is still a lot of fighting ahead for everyone to fight, and I would put that in mind, ”said Mario Andretti of

“I think that’s what the fans want the story to continue and the great battle between the two teams and the two excellent pilots. How will you compete this year? I think yes, it would be bad for you to get out of the sport one day in such a negative way. ”

Andretti confirmed that judgments favorable to Hamilton were also well under way in 2021

“Anyway, in my opinion, don’t complain about last year as a whole. You can’t catch the defeat to bad luck and the judgments, we can see what happened earlier in the year. There’s Silverstone, for example, where he knocked out his biggest rival in the race. His car was damaged and the race was interrupted by a red flag. Meanwhile, his team was able to repair his car, start one of the first and win the race while his competitor was being cared for in the hospital. ”

“Max Verstappen clearly deserved the world title. Although he also knew that a real miracle was needed in the final race, and the miracle came in the person of Nicholas Latifi, no one could expect that. But it’s just that beautiful in this sport that anything can happen until the last turn of the final lap. Everyone has to accept that. ”

“We can cry as long as no red snow is falling, but this is neither the first nor the last situation when something crucial happened at the last minute. Looking back from the beginning to the end, 2021 was a really fantastic season, ”added Mario Andretti.

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