“You broke my ***.” Competitors stunned

Gf Vip, screams in shock in the House. Patrizia De Blanck out of control: “You broke my dick“. Competitors stunned. A few minutes ago, a furious quarrel broke out in the most spied on house in Italy. The VIP tenants were getting ready for an aperitif of chips and guacamole. But just a potato chip would have been the “stone of scandal”. But let’s go in order.

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Matilde Brandi and Stefania Orlando are called into the confessional by Big Brother to organize the evening and warn their fellow adventurers. Once back in the salon, the two girls communicate to the competitors that it will not be possible to eat anything until the setting of the table is finished and until everyone has changed for dinner. All competitors respect the rules, except Countess De Blanck who decides to try some chips. At that point, Stefania Orlando takes her back and she gets furious: “You’re a bitch ***, fuck you ***. You can’t always stand behind me to take me back, you broke the fuck up“. Andrea Roncato’s ex wife is stunned and replies: “Even less Patrizia».

But the Countess De Blanck does not give up and also vents with Elisabetta Gregoraci: «There is also a precedent, he publicly reprimanded me for that word (f ***) that I pronounced a few days ago, putting me in a bad light. Now he broke me, useless that then he comes to my room crying“. However, the web is on Stefania Orlando’s side. On Twitter, users defend it: “She apologizes even if she is right, she is a lady. The countess is unbearable».

Last update: Wednesday 7 October 2020, 21:01



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