You betray Habib Rizieq, I will kill you!


Talks Habib Bahar bin Ali bin Smith After being released from the Class IIA Gunung Sindur Special Prison, it went viral on social media. In his lecture, Habib Bahar threatened those who betrayed Habib Rizieq.

In the viral video, former FPI chairman Sabri Lubis is seen sitting next to Habib Bahar. Bahar gave a lecture wearing a white koko shirt and a white cap and turban.

His viral lecture discussed people who betrayed Habib Rizieq. Habib Bahar also stated that he would kill those who betrayed Habib Rizieq.

“That’s why I say, you people, I’m not talking about the government, you are habaib, kyai, ulama, whoever you are, want you to be a guardian, want you to be a scholar, you betray Habib Rizieq, I will kill them one by one. , ” Habib Bahar said in the lecture as seen, Thursday (25/11/2021).

“Allahu akbar,” cheered the participants.

Habib Bahar delivered his speech in a high and loud voice. His face also looks red when he talks about it.

“Where is he people, ente all of you who invited Habib Rizieq he in Mecca again delicious, he in Mecca delicious, calm, his life, you who invited him to come to the homeland, you when he was imprisoned where are you?” said Bahar.

He alluded to the FPI soldiers who were shot at KM50. He again stated that he would kill the person who betrayed Habib Rizieq

“Where were you when 6 bodyguards, 6 of his students, 6 of his students were killed, massacred, where were you, O Muslims Where were you scholars, where were you habaib, when he was in prison you sluggish, you became soft, you turned “To the wrongdoers, I will look for you one by one. I will kill you, no matter how many you are, I will kill Habib Rizieq and I will destroy you,” he said.

Habib Bahar’s lawyer, Ichwan Tuankotta, confirmed that the lecture took place after Habib Bahar was released. Ichwan said that Habib Bahar gave a lecture at the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in Kranji, Bekasi.

“Yes, that’s right, it was a lecture 3 days after he was released. It was a lecture in the Kranji area where people were present for the birthday of the Prophet, and I was not present at that time,” said Ichwan when asked for confirmation.

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