“You are the husband of the woman who raped” Jisoo’s apology comment… It turned out to be a lie

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While actor Ji-soo (28, real name Kim Ji-su), who allegedly raised school violence, acknowledged the fact and apologized, a comment alleging additional sexual assault damage was posted on a social media (SNS) post that posted a handwritten apology. However, it turned out that the comments made by this man were false.

On the 4th, Jisoo posted a handwritten apology on his social media account stating, “I sincerely apologize to those who suffered from me. There is no excuse for misconduct in the past.”

On the handwritten apology he posted, a comment was posted saying, “Kim Ji-soo, do you remember the same-aged woman who raped in the third year of high school in 2011?” The author introduced himself as the girl’s husband at the time and wrote, “I sent an e-mail to your agency, but I don’t read it. Please contact me.”

However, the comment turned out to be a false fact within a day after it was posted. Mr. A, who wrote this comment, said in a call with a reporter, “The content of the comment is not true at all,” and “I didn’t know it would be this big. I don’t want to damage Jisoo anymore.” Currently, the comment has been deleted.

An official from Jisoo’s agency also said, “The comment turned out to be false, and we plan to make an official position soon.”

Meanwhile, as Jisoo acknowledges the controversy over abusing and rape, there is a movement in the broadcasting industry to erase his traces. It is known that the production crew of KBS’s monthly drama’River River’, in which he starred, decided to get off Jisoo and are looking for an alternate actor. The online video service (OTT) Wave also deleted the’River River’ replay service, and the contents that Jisoo appeared in Teabing.



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