Sport You and all sterile. Formula 1 m in...

You and all sterile. Formula 1 m in a row austrian restart


And while the best trio of sponsorship epics, drinks and watches came out of his hands, this time he brought these things to the improvised stage of a mobile table for control.

Sezona F1 zaala pardnm zvodem. Vyhrl Bottas, slav tak Ferrari

Over the weekend, the F1 season started with less than a dark bottom, and even this series with ingrained conservatism had to change dramatically.

At the same time, however, as the first pokoronavir carousel, it shows another sports ampion the way. We have the safest environment and community in the world. Here he has a test and he is healthy, according to Ji Kenek, one of the few chosen photographers who was allowed to blame Sunday’s seduction and will be able to do the same Sunday in the same city.

He had to travel to Austria with the current negative test for covid-19. Five days after its execution – as well as the whole F1 emblem, including the staff of the circuit – gave. And in the next five days, you’ll be on the wind again in Austria. Just before Sunday’s start, they made 4,032 in Spielberg and they all had a negative result!

That’s why Kenek talks about the safest city. In addition, F1 introduced a written measure – before each entrance to the circuit to the people the temperature, which I paid for before the Saturday qualification Lando Norris.

He cooled his head with this cold water and after a few minutes he was allowed to go, he drove out of the city and a day later he moved to go down the ramp. At the same time, for safety reasons and Christian Horner of Red Bull, who was so attacked by one of the photographers.

Contrary to custom, there are only a dozen of them, ten of them for darkness. I’m sorry to have a colleague who sits at home and watch sad, because they drank at work. J won the lottery, e mm good contacts, and so they took, to Kenek, just fot for the French agency DPPI.

They, too, are divided into those who take pictures on the cheek, those who move in the pits, and those who take care of the accompanying staff. I may not meet on the circuit, but when it comes to beer in the evening, it is of course different.

They had to limit themselves and gave. Darkness could travel with 80 employees of the city with 130. In Austria, 60 technicians were broadcast on television, at other times there are 250 of them.

The seduction is without a fan, so applause only in the hands of the depot. These are mandatory all the time, so the photographers always had only a few seconds to flash the riders without them – when they took off their helmets after entering the cars. That silence is sad. Before that, F1 was considered sterile, but it’s total, in Kenek.

But such is complicity.


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