‘Yoon Stay’, energizer Choi Woo-sik and main chef Jung Yu-mi

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[엔터미디어=정덕현] Maybe it’s because the hands and feet fit so well, I can feel even the relaxation. the t.v Entertainment <Yoon Stay>Is so different even though the atmosphere on the first day and the next day are different. first Yoon StayArriving in and adjusting to the kitchen, The process of preparing dinners for several guests at once as a course was a whole lot., The next day, a team was canceled due to circumstances 5Evening time serving for foreigners is beyond leisure IdleI felt until.

Was it so. <Yoon Stay> In the video of the next day, the employees who were often in a bad situation the day before(?)Scenes that compare with the appearance of. In fact, even things that aren’t that big of a problem are as if something big happened Fishing ability editI went in slightly. Even after dinner time, the staff who were worried about the priests who did not come down to eat were edited in a tense manner.. The priests who didn’t answer the phone and wanted to see if anything happened were in the next room, and in the end, Woo-sik Choi’s call quickly relieved this tension..

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When a British guest called the next day because there was no water coming out of the hostel, Yoon Yeo-jeong I’m so sorryThe scene of apologizing and apologizing also appeared in the trailer, Yoon StayI created a feeling of tension as if something had happened. But that didn’t actually lead to a big problem. The water supply machine malfunction was the problem, and when it was resolved, water came out again.. Because of that sorry Yoon StayAnd apologized again, receiving less than the original amount., The British guest coolly said that there was no need to apologize..

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In fact EventThere wasn’t much like this. that’s Yoon StayFrom Yeo-jung Yoon, president of, Seojin Lee, Yoomi Jung, It is because everyone, including Park Seo-jun and Choi Woo-sik, fully adapted to the situation in just two days.. In fact, the spacious space and the unique structure of the hanok were not easy to serve customers., Serving food enough to show off court cuisine at one meal, The new mission of lodging wasn’t easy either..

However, they found the role of what they were supposed to do, and even if someone didn’t ask them to do it, they were able to do it.. Among them, Woosik Choi and Yoomi Jung are the prominent figures.. In fact, Na Young-seok’s division planned and aired last summer. <Summer Vacation>They appeared as brother and sister chemistry and caught viewers’ attention by spending too much time with invited guests.. Of course, at that time, the laziness of the grasshopper Live a monthIt was buried everywhere.

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But this time <Yoon Stay>Woo-sik Choi and Yoomi Jung are working tirelessly and showing a bright appearance as if they are actually enjoying the work. Pleasant emotionIs creating. In addition to picking up guests who arrive at the terminal, Woo-sik Choi, who guides the accommodation and serves food, communicates with the guests and makes them feel like friends., Seojin Lee She was bornAnd stick your tongue out <Yoon Stay>As an energizer of.

And Jung Yu-mi shows how she is the main chef who is in charge of the kitchen for food, which is the core of this program.. In the airing volume, cooking rather than words takes up the majority, Even at the break time that guests have for a while after they leave, he has sincerity in cooking, from cooking clothes to the mindset of ironing them neatly..

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On the second day, Seo-Jin Lee kept looking at the firewood in the cauldron to make the tailed bear soup. The man who is serious in the gomtangLike I said, Woosik Choi and Yoomi Jung also feel their sincerity in customer service and food.. They pull and push <Yoon Stay>Flows comfortably enough to feel even relaxed. It’s so easy that the production crew put in edits to create a sense of tension.

Critic Deok-Hyun Jung rated the Hulk Index for’Yoon Stay’, which was ambitiously presented by Na Young-seok as the blockbuster of the year at the’Hulk Talk’ in the entertainment channel Ssona’s corner.

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