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“North Korea’s nuclear threat threatens US nuclear umbrella… Expanded deterrence must be strengthened”


Kurt Campbell, Indo-Pacific coordinator at the White House, assessed that the US nuclear umbrella is being challenged by the nuclear threat from North Korea.

It is for this reason that nuclear weapons theory is constantly being raised in Korea and that extended deterrence against Korea and Japan should be strengthened, he said.

Correspondent Kyunghee Kim in Washington.


Kurt Campbell, Indo-Pacific coordinator for the White House National Security Council, cited the extended deterrence and stability of the nuclear umbrella as one of the great US achievements in the Indo-Pacific region.

That is, many Asian countries capable of possessing nuclear weapons have relied on US extended deterrence and predictability instead of opting for nuclear weapons.

However, with the recent escalation of the nuclear threat from North Korea, those US capabilities have been judged to have been called into question.

“We acknowledge that we are being challenged. It is undeniable that North Korea’s open threat creates unrest in Northeast Asia.”

It is also because of this situation that public opinion on nuclear weapons continues to grow in South Korea, he said, adding that extended deterrence against South Korea and Japan should be strengthened.

He also said that it is necessary for the United States to openly express its principles regarding the deployment of conventional military power.

“We must make it clear to South Korea, Japan and other countries that nuclear deterrence remains strong and that the United States is deeply committed to nuclear deterrence in the Indo-Pacific.”

Meanwhile, Sung Kim, the US State Department’s special representative for North Korea, had a video meeting with China’s special representative for the Korean peninsula, Liu Xiaoming, and discussed the North Korean issue.

Representative Kim urged the full implementation of UN sanctions against North Korea and lobbied China, reiterating that the United States is ready to meet with North Korea at any time and has diplomatic will.

This is Yonhap News Kim Kyung-hee from Washington.

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