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Nearly 500 critically ill patients… “Expect moderate increase in prevalence”


The new crown expansion has registered 2 million people.

The number of seriously ill patients is on the rise, approaching 500.

Quarantine authorities predict that winter outbreaks will show a gradual increase unlike in the past.

This is reporter Kim Min-hye.


The number of new confirmed cases of the coronavirus was 22,000 and, although it reflected the effect of the drop in the number of tests over the weekend, it was down by 750 compared to a week ago.

The corona epidemic in winter is showing a slight increase without a recent outbreak.

By age, the incidence rate was highest in infants, with 76,000 per 100,000 population in the 0-9 age group last week, followed by adolescents.

Baek Kyung-ran, head of the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told a briefing during the ministerial meeting of the Global Health Security Initiative, “The recent increase appears to have slowed slightly.”

However, there is a clear increase in the number of seriously ill patients who develop over time after confirmation.

As of 00:00 on the 28th, the number of seriously ill patients was 491, an increase of 10 from the previous day, the highest in 68 days.

In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, it has been suggested that data usage research should be focused from various angles to address the impact of the infectious disease crisis on people’s lives alongside quarantine and medical indicators.

“Answers will be needed for areas that need to be monitored in the medium to long term, such as worsening social and economic inequalities and deteriorating quality of life due to disruption of care.”

Meanwhile, in order to minimize the damage caused by the infection, the quarantine authorities have encouraged additional vaccination with improved vaccines and reduced the vaccination interval to one month, but the vaccination rate is still hovering in the single digits to 6.9% of the target population.

In order to increase the inoculation rate, the quarantine authorities have announced that from this week, reservations for the 3rd and 4th vaccinations using the initial vaccine will be suspended, and from the 17th of next month, further vaccinations will only be possible with improved vaccines.

I’m Kim Min-hye, Yonhap News TV. ([email protected])

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