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Summon Baberus at the end of the 3rd and 4th season… Ohtani, 10-10 homers in 104 years


Japanese baseball genius Shohei Ohtani has summoned Babe Ruth’s record 104 years ago.

Ohtani set a historic milestone after four challenges to a 10-10 home run in a season.

Correspondent Hong Seok-jun.


‘Baseball genius’ Ohtani, who lost three consecutive losses with only one win left in 10-10 home runs in a season and fell to nine.

Ohtani, who struck out 1,000 strikeouts in the three innings between the US and Japan, was hit in the left leg while processing the last out of the inning.

The pain seemed so great that he crippled his leg, but that didn’t dampen Ohtani’s will to break the record.

Even after being hit by an assault ball, Ohtani, who threw a ball at a speed of 160 km/h, made a counter-throw with 4 hits and 5 strikeouts until the 6th inning.

For Ohtani, he also worked hard on the batting line for the first time in a long time.

Taylor Ward hit a three-run homer from the first and second bases, which were made from an infield hit and an opposing error by lead batsman Ohtani in the 5th, leading 1-0.

In the 7th inning, Ohtani, who took the lead as a hitter, hit his 25th of the season and his 118th career home run in the big league, putting the key to the game.

With this home run, Ohtani overtook Ichiro Suzuki to become the second Japanese all-time homer in Major League Baseball.

Ohtani scored 10 wins and 10 home runs in a season in 4 games in 3 matches as the team won 5-1.

Ohtani, who was disappointed with only nine wins last season, succeeded in recalling Babe Ruth’s record in 1918 for the first time in 104 years.

“I thought if I threw well, I would eventually hit this record. The hitters hit well, and I believed we could make it.”

Ohtani, who won the MVP award with the first ‘quintuple 100’ in the history of Major League Baseball last season, rewrote the history of the major leagues again this year by showing off the perfect ‘two-up’.

This is Yonhap News TV Hong Seok-jun. ([email protected])

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