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[뉴스메이커] 10th Australian Open Champion Djokovic

It is time to meet the main character in the news.

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic is surprising by winning the men’s singles title for the first time in history at the Australian Open tennis tournament for the 10th time.

Djokovic’s recapture of world No. 1 after being pushed back to No. 5 in the world at one point, we’ll meet today’s newsmaker.

It is a nickname that always follows Djokovic.

Djokovic has won three consecutive Australian Open titles from 2019 to 2021, and has been called the man of the Australian Open.

He has thought of Australia as special enough to consider it his second home, but his work in Australia last year remains a nightmare for him.

Djokovic arrived at Melbourne International Airport without fail to compete in the Australian Open last January!

However, for not being vaccinated against Corona 19, I was sent to a quarantine facility instead of a lodging.

Although he filed two court cases with the Australian federal government, he was eventually kicked out without participating in the Australian Open tennis tournament.

Maybe that’s why?

For Djokovic, winning this tournament was more desperate and desperate than any other.

At one time, there was even a prospect that this Australian Open might not come out, so the opportunity to participate came even more valuable to him.

As much as he was desperate, he clearly proved why he is called the man of the Australian Open.

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When the championship was confirmed, Djokovic expressed it as the best victory without being able to control the tears flowing.

It was the 10th win in the men’s singles at the Australian Open tennis tournament, but winning this tournament came with a special meaning to Djokovic, who suffered an ordeal with Corona 19 last year.

He also regained the world number one title by winning the Australian Open tennis tournament.

Djokovic turned the greatest crisis into the best opportunity and reached his prime once again!

What other amazing records will he write down?

Until now, I was a ‘newsmaker’.

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