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Confrontation of opposition on the proposed dismissal of Park Jin … “Obligation to control” “Caricature of the National Assembly”


The ruling and opposition parties are in a stalemate over the proposal to sack Foreign Minister Park Jin after President Yun Seok-yeol’s last visit.

Get in touch with reporters from the National Assembly.

Reporter Jang Bo-kyung, tell us about the situation.


Yes, two days ago the Democratic Party proposed a proposal for the dismissal of Minister Park Jin, saying that President Yoon should be held responsible for the ‘travel diplomacy controversy’.

The Democratic Party is in the position that the proposed dismissal should be voted on by today.

Hall leader Park Hong-geun insists that it is the duty of the National Assembly to contain the government’s responsibility to hold the minister accountable, saying: “Even with the diplomatic disaster, there is no sincere apology.”

From the economic crisis to the diplomatic disaster, the incompetence of the ruling party is to the point where even the ruling party is said to be beating the media every day with the opposition party.

On the other hand, the leader of the hall Joo Ho-young, the People’s Power, criticized: “If too many resolutions are made of proposals that are difficult to accept, a caricature of the National Assembly could occur.”

It has only been four or five months since Minister Park started working and if the stigma of distrust in the National Assembly is printed, it will limit diplomatic activities and harm the national interest.

The plenary session is currently updated.

In the morning, National Assembly President Kim Jin-pyo met with the leaders of the government plan and the opposition and called for a reorganization of the position once again.

The opposition and opposition parties each held a general meeting of the House of Representatives at 2.30pm, but have not yet managed to close the gap.

The plenary session will resume today at 18.00.

The proposed dismissal of the Councilor of State passes by secret ballot and is decided by a favorable majority, ie 150 votes in favor.

Since the Democratic Party currently has 169 seats, it is possible to vote alone, but even if approved, it has no legal value.


In today’s plenary session, the head of the People’s Power Emergency Response Committee Jeong Jin-seok, who gave a speech at the plenary session, also said that he strongly criticized the Democratic Party for “blocking state affairs. in any case”?


Yes, during the speech of the negotiating group representative, Vice President Jeong Jin-seok made a big outcry against the Democratic Party and the Moon Jae-in government.

“The last 143 days of the Yun Seok-Yeol administration have been a period of fierce struggle to correct past anomalies in the Democratic Party trap,” he said.

At the same time, he stressed that the Democratic Party exercises parliamentary power and does not hesitate to impose a cutting-edge legislative dictatorship.

Regarding President Yoon’s latest visit, he urged him to commit a mortal sin, saying, “I am struggling in a ferocious diplomatic battlefield and MBC is trying to damage the Korea-US alliance by manipulating subtitles and broadcasts.”

President Chung also pointed out that the Daejang-dong incident and other issues were all issues raised during the Democratic primary and criticized that people would not tolerate it if they tried to block the law by introducing it into politics.

In response to this speech by President Chung, the ruling party praised him, saying, “He has emphasized the situation over the past five years and concerns about indiscriminate political struggle.”

So far, it has been communicated to the National Assembly. ([email protected])

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