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Voting on the annexation of the occupied territories to Russia will soon end … Zelensky “Priority”


The referendum on annexation, which Russia holds in four occupied territories in Ukraine, ends at 27 local time.

Russia is expected to declare these areas as its territory using the annexation results as an excuse.

The West and Ukraine have said they will not admit it as an illegal false vote.

This is the reporter Jung Da-mi.


The five-day referendum on annexation to Russia in the four Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine will soon end.

Since the voting process is undemocratic, as secret ballots are not guaranteed, the result should be in favor and Russia will likely use it as an excuse to announce annexation.

Russia occupies most of the ‘Luhansk Oblast’ and the Cherson Oblast, 80% of the ‘Zaporiza Oblast and 60% of the Donetsk Oblast.

It is feared that about 15% of the total area of ​​Ukraine may be lost to Russia.

Ukrainian President Zelensky reiterated that the reconquest of the occupied territories was a “top priority” and maintained an uncompromising position.

“The Donetsk region is in a particularly serious situation. We are doing everything possible to contain the activities of our enemies. Since Donbas is still a top priority for the occupying forces, it is also a top priority for us.”

The US has stressed that it will impose economic sanctions if Russia attempts to force an annexation by using fraudulent votes.

“We are ready to impose rapid and serious additional economic costs on Russia. The United States will not recognize these areas as the territory of any country other than Ukraine.”

Britain imposed further sanctions on its collaborators, arguing that Russia’s illegal and fraudulent voting in the occupied territories violates international law.

I’m Yonhap News TV, Dami Jeong. ([email protected])

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