Yokuang Otobu was born without limbs and stole food 50 times, and then revealed the reason why he has a 20-year-old new girlfriend and friend

Yokuang Otobu was born with no limbs, he stole food 50 times, and his 20-year-old new girlfriend and friend revealed the reason for the exuberant love

The well-known Japanese writer Hiromasa Ototake was born without limbs. He once published his autobiography “Five Body Dissatisfaction” and later transformed into a YouTuber, which caused his private life to attract attention. Yokuma Ototake divorced his wife early. After the divorce, he met Naomi Iwasawa, a beautiful mixed-race girl in her 20s. Recently, it was revealed that the two had broken up. Yokuma Otobu met another beautiful girl who was suspected of developing a cohabitation relationship. .

Ototake Yokuma married a college junior in 2001 and had 3 children after marriage. Unexpectedly, in 2016, the Japanese media broke the news that he had stolen more than 50 women during the 15 years of marriage. Ototake Hirokuma finally admitted that he had 5 infidelities after marriage Love, and divorced his wife. Two years later, he dated a mixed-race female student in her 20s. It was pointed out that Yokuro Ototake relied on her to get out of the haze of divorce. But break up.

This time Yokuro Otobu was photographed shopping with the 20-year-old beautiful girl Xinhuan. It was pointed out that the two had started living together after Yokuro Otobu lost the Senate election in July last year. Ototake Yoko’s agency stated that he would not respond to the media about Ototake Yoko’s private life, but Ototake Yoko said on a TV show that IKEA had no plans to get married.

Many netizens are curious about Otobu Yokua’s popularity: “He is really crazy, and he eats girls until he is bored”, “To be honest, he is better than all frustrated but healthy people. To be a person, you only need to be positive , Even if she is in hell mode, she will have her first day.”, “It’s so fair, no hands or feet in exchange for unlimited daughters”, “How to eat so many daughters, you still need a tender mouth” and so on. Some netizens even joked that there would be other reasons why Ototake Yang Kuang ate so many daughters: “I lost my limbs, so the nutrition grains took away the fifth limb”, “A real “legless bird””, ” Less left limbs, better blood circulation and higher blood pressure, naturally…” and so on. However, some friends of Hiroma Ototake said that the key factors of Hiroma Ototake’s popularity are based on his positive thinking and being funny. At the same time, he responded to messages very quickly, which gave women a sense of trust. Hiroma Ototake once said: “I have confidence Being able to reply to messages quickly will not make others feel uneasy.”

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Hiroma Ototake


Hiroma Ototake


Hiroma Ototake


Naomi Iwasawa, a beautiful girl of mixed race

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