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I’m in Çeşme.

I am sipping morning coffee against the chewing gum.

A gentleman approached.

They came from Istanbul as a family.

“I do not agree with your views, but I read you every day,” he said.

I said nice.

I think he felt the need to open a conversation. He pointed to Chios with his index finger and said “We need to take those 12 candidates”.

I think it would be great, but I said Chios is not one of the 12 islands.

“How the hell?” He said angrily …

“You will also be from Izmir, astonishment,” he went to what was said.

He doesn’t know either.

He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, either.

Both sure.

Hence, I am glad he disagrees with my views.

I turned on my cell phone.

I’m looking at the news from Sözcü’s website.

There’s a last minute headline.

It says “Navtex for Chios” is it good!

I clicked.

We have published a new navtex, announcing that “the non-military status of Chios as determined by the Treaty of Lausanne has been violated”.

So… We have announced to the whole world that Greek soldiers have been stationed on Chios, which should have been demilitarized.

Well, if the island of Chios has become such a chewing gum in the morning, let me tell you, then I will tell you the navtex of Chios …

12 islands are not actually 12 islands.

There are around 150 islands, 20 of which are large.

In the Ottoman period, it means “non-Muslim islands ruled by a 12-person delegation”.

It was 12 islands for you because it said 12… Even Greeks use dodeka, which means 12 in their language, they call these islands dodecanese.

Chios Island is one of the islands given to me by our sultan, but it is not one of the 12 islands.

Samos, across Kuşadası, is not one of the 12 islands.

Chios Island looks small from afar, but it is 150 times bigger than Istanbul Büyükada.

It is 22 times bigger than Bozcaada.

It is four floors of Çeşme just opposite.

It was ours for 346 years between 1566 and 1912.

Ferries of the Ertürk Family have been transporting people to Chios since 1925. They started with wooden boats, they work with the modern catamarans you see today in the Bosphorus.

Get on the Ertürk ferry, you’re in Chios in 20 minutes.

In is not in, you have huge deli marketplace, wine, cheese, or something salami, myriad varieties are sold … none of offense, you hardly find in Turkey, if you find as you will not find at this price tags very reasonable.

Chios is the only Greek island where the Turkish Lira passes.

You can shop in Turkish Lira even if you don’t have euros in your pocket, they don’t like it, but they won’t refuse.

There is always someone who speaks broken Turkish in every shop.

Let me not give the names of the restaurants, they make great anchovies, octopus with couscous and stingray grill.

We supposedly say “if my father comes out of the sea, I will eat it” but it is a story… For example, we have a stingray, they don’t even give it to a cat, they throw it away.

The Greek cooks even the stingray, turning every product that comes out of the sea first into taste and then into money.

Chios beer, Chewing gum beer, you can only find them in Chios.

Like milk, it is produced and consumed daily.

As with the beer example, they brand Chios in all areas.

For example, there is the Chios symphony played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Chian Rhapsody.

It reflects the musical values ​​of Chios island.

As the traces of us Turks, it contains zeybek melodies.

They had the money stolen by the London Philharmonic for the promotion of the island. They know the propaganda business very well. Greece tee has been using Britain as a propaganda base since 1918.

Its most important church is the Nea Moni monastery… Since its view is breathtaking, every visitor to the island stops by this monastery.

Inside the monastery is a room full of skulls.

Glass cabinets, walls, skulls and bones everywhere.

“They were brutally massacred by the Ottomans” says the sign on it!

Turkish tourists visiting Chios visit this monastery, make wishes, light candles, take plenty of souvenir photos because they do not understand what is written on the Greek signs, and share them on their social media accounts!

The Greek both takes our money as a tourist, says you will join us, and has us advertise it.

As I said, they know the propaganda business very well.

We have a mosque in Chios.

Mecidiye Mosque.

It was built during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecid.

You can see its minaret from almost anywhere in Chios.

In 2016, they closed with their feet “we will restore”, made up bragging that “we found church ruins on the foundations, it turns out they built the mosque on the church”, they turned it into a Byzantine museum.

They are now shamelessly trying to teach us “respect for the house of worship.”

There is a historical library, the Korais library, priceless books covered with Ottoman gazelle skin, a magnificent archive containing all the genealogies of the Chios Turks, all the documents of the Turkish presence in Chios are preserved here.

There is a mastic museum, a museum of mastic, that is, the mastic that we chew. During my childhood, there were mastic trees all over Çeşme, the roots of those beautiful mastic trees were poured into the roots, killed, turned into land, zoning was made and summer sites were built.

The Greek physically preserves the mastic trees and has a museum to protect it culturally. People get sad when they see them.

The part of the Aegean Sea between Çeşme and Chios is called the Chios Strait.

There is a region called the pig pit in Çeşme Çiftlikköy, it extends in the form of a peninsula to the Chios Strait, this is the closest point to Chios Island.

The illegal refugees are trying to cross to Chios from this exact point.

Greek coast guard boats patrol constantly, piercing the rubber boats of refugees with spear-like sticks, sinking them, not rescuing the drowned ones.

According to the data of the Çeşme police headquarters, not only Syrians, but also refugees of Afghan, Angola, Eritrea, Mali, Congo, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Senegal, almost all poor nations die here.

If our coast guard comes across, they survive, otherwise they die.

The pig pit in Çiftlikköy is filled with the clothes and shoes of the drowned poor people… Like a museum of tragedy.

Refugees who managed to set foot in Chios were placed in Souda camp in the center of Chios.

It was like a prison.

They lived an inhumane life.

My dear friend Korcan Decision, who made legendary news that was deemed impossible, managed to enter this terror camp in 2017.

There were 1400 refugees, 150 of whom were children.

He photographed.

He returned to Çeşme.

He turned it into an exhibition called “Stateless On The Other Side Of The Water”.

He exhibited on 23 billboards in the square under the mills in Alaçatı.

He wrote the story of each photo.

This exhibition, which has been widely featured in the Turkish press, made a tremendous impression, crossed borders, and found its way into the American press and the European press.

Immediately after Korcan’s exhibition, Greece hastily closed the Souda camp, again in Chios, but built a new campsite in a secluded area.

Today, there are more than 2500 refugees in that camp, they do not even allow the European press to enter.

(Korcan’s family is from four generations of Chios from the father’s side … He was the great grandfather of Korcan, the land registry cadastre manager of the island in the Ottoman period, his grandfather was the pharmacist of the island, even the Turkish bath used as a cultural center in Chios, Korcan’s great-grandfather, lawsuit attorney – attorney Hüseyin İlhami.)

(Another name you know who made his mark on Chios, the first Turkish to climb Everest, the great-grandfather of my dear friend Nasuh Mahruki, the great-grandfather of the captain-ı derya Ali Pasha … He was martyred by burning on the flagship while fighting to suppress the Chios rebellion. The surname Mahruki, which means, was adopted by his descendants as a legacy of honor.)

There is an airport in Chios.

It is in the Karfaz area, directly opposite Çiftlikköy.

You can even walk from the center of Chios, it’s that close.

Charter planes come from England, Germany and France.

There are three trips a day to Athens in summer and winter.

(One of the main reasons of trying to escape from Turkey fetocu especially try to pass this airport … Gum Gum can now, if you have a visa in your passport, you can feather the whole of Europe.)

There is a power station right next to the airport.

This place provides all the electricity of the island, it works with diesel.

Chimneys are red and white!

Probably after this article they will paint it in another color …

Because it looks like a Turkish flag planted on the island.

Set up howitzer in Çeşme, hit this power plant, the island falls into a coma.

We don’t even need to bother and subtract.

Like Chios’s satellite, there is a tiny Koyun Island right next to it.

It is located right across from our Donkey Island.

Our Donkey island is empty, there are only donkeys.

On the island of Bay, there is one of the most important maritime schools in Europe that trains yacht captains and yacht crew.

They made even this tiny piece of land valuable by establishing a school.

Captains are trained for mega yachts from this school.

For this reason, mostly Greek personnel work on the giant-sized yachts of the world‘s richest Arabs, Russians, Americans.

We have eaten, drank, listened to music, traveled until this point in the article, now let’s come to the place where the zurna called shri …

In the very center of Chios, there is a barracks just behind the restaurants and the hotels!

There are five thousand infantry in the barracks.

Normally, there should be the most gendarmes to maintain order, but these are armed infantry.

The larger of this barracks is located at the foot of the 1297-meter-high Pelineo Mountains that make up the silhouette of Chios.

There are at least 15 thousand soldiers in Chios!

It is not a secret.

Sit in any restaurant or cafe in Chios and you will see the military vehicles coming to these barracks at any time of the day.

Even those who have been sitting in cafes for 20 years see it …

Our esteemed government barely sees it, it releases navtex!

Sit on Chios’s cord …

Not only Greek warships, but also NATO-bound warships parked, French warships, Portuguese warships, German warships, Spanish warships, whizzing.

We are supposedly deciphering it by publishing navtex …

However, even the deaf sultan knows the Greek military presence in Chios.

You don’t need to take images from space.

Sit on Chios’s cordon… You will see Greek coast guard boats full of SAT commandos.

Soldiers are transported to Chios by Greek cruise ships.

Moreover … Almost all the personnel of the ferries operating from Athens to Chios, especially to all Greek islands, are retired army personnel, even stewards are intelligence personnel.

Our National Intelligence Agency knows Chios like the back of his hand.

If a soldier, even a migratory bird, not to Chios, it would be the news of MIT.

And yet, our esteemed government publishes navtex as if it was the first time he heard that they had amassed troops in Chios, and this was presented as “breaking news” … If I say it is good, if I say it is funny, I will never be silent, at least I will continue to sip my coffee against Chios. .


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