Yesterday 619 Covid positives were detected

Santo Domingo, DR.

75% of the sequenced samples of the Covid-19 virus correspond to the BA.4 subvariant of ómicron, which has become the predominant one in the country, although BA.5 and BA.2 are still circulating.

However, hospitalizations due to the disease continue to decline, reporting yesterday 94 patients admitted to regular beds and 19 to intensive care, of which two were connected to ventilators.

Yesterday, 619 new positive cases of the virus were reported, for a total of 1,633 active cases. The National Director of Epidemiology, Dr. Ronald Skewes, assured yesterday that cases of the virus continue to drop steadily in recent weeks, as well as weekly positivity and incidence.

He said that the country has 26 consecutive weeks with an incidence of seven days below 50 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

In addition to the fact that 34% of the country’s municipalities did not report any positive cases in the last three weeks.

Report number 867 issued yesterday by the Ministry of Public Health, records daily positivity at 20.88% and the accumulated positivity of the last four weeks at 11.65%.

The accumulated record of cases with a positive diagnosis in the country is 631,040 since the pandemic began and 4,383 deaths, for a fatality rate of 0.69%.

The authorities insist that the population continue to maintain preventive measures and vaccination, which, according to the Deputy Minister of Health, Eladio Pérez, maintains a rate of application of 4,500 daily doses.

Regarding dengue, they revealed that the country currently remains within the number of cases expected in the last five years, but they urged the population to eliminate containers where the transmitting mosquito breeds to avoid falling into an epidemic risk area.

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