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RSAs are again a case. After the very high numbers of coronavirus infections and deaths that occurred within them in the spring, now the vaccination against Covid to agitate the Region, managers and workers. The risk that in these very fragile environments it is not possible to achieve adequate protection for guests, about 40,000 in Piedmont out of 784 structures. And the reasons are two. One. The figure that emerged yesterday in the Health Commission of the Regional Council: according to data from the Region, only 10-20 percent of RSA operators gave their consent to vaccinate against Covid. The agency had asked their intentions in a hurry, before the package leaflet was translated, without giving information. Some workers did not know about the survey, did not respond or did it only informally. But the figures are still very low. Disturbing, for the PD regional councilor, Daniele Valle. And Luv’s colleague, Marco Grimaldi, adds: We are convinced that the people who fought hard against Covid can be the best communication campaign, so that all health professionals feel safe in getting the vaccine without making it mandatory. Moreover, this measure should be taken by Rome.

In all, there are 65,000 those entitled to have said no to the vaccine in Piedmont to date. But its first testimonial, the virologist Giovanni Di Perri, was not tragic. On the way, many will get vaccinated. The CGIL also launches an appeal. The association of managers of RSA Anaste asks that family doctors first of all promote the serum. But the Fimmg and Smi unions are calling for an institutional information campaign and the Region promises: We will help people understand. The second problem is that one in four guests – between 10 thousand and 13 thousand – unable to understand and want to and does not have a support administrator. On the other hand, it is often not needed. But now neither the host himself nor a family member can sign the informed consent to the vaccine. Which therefore cannot be done. Over 5,000 individuals in this situation are located between Turin and the province and, as reported by the Confapi association, the two courts present could take a year to appoint administrators for everyone.

The long procedure is already today: in theory it takes 60 days, in practice even six months. With Covid it could take even longer, Valle reports. Confapi asks for an ad hoc regulation while Anaste proposes that the consent be given by a family member, even if not appointed administrator as required by law. A puzzle also for the Region. We are working with the Ministry of Health to solve the problem, reiterates the Commissioner of the Legal-Administrative Area of ​​the Crisis Unit, Antonio Rinaudo. In addition, it is not said that all the other 30 thousand guests choose to be vaccinated. In the background, the debate on the bill for 41 million euros in relief for RSAs. Useful, but the funds – Valle complains – were already destined for the facilities for the insertion of guests in the convention and were not used. In addition, no resources went to those involved in home care.

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