“Yes, Bulgaria” gave a mandate to Hristo Ivanov to conduct cabinet talks

Hristo Ivanov

The National Council (NA) of “Yes, Bulgaria” has given a mandate to the resigned chairman Hristo Ivanov and to the resigned Executive Council to negotiate a government, the party’s press center reported, quoted by BTA.

The election results of last night’s session were not discussed. There will be a working group to prepare the National Conference, at which the party leadership must be elected.

A new meeting of the National Council is expected next week, at which the results of the vote will be analyzed. The date on which the highest forum of “Yes, Bulgaria” will be convened is also expected to be set.

The National Assembly has heard information from Hristo Ivanov about the talks yesterday with “We continue the change”.

The other two formations in the Democratic Bulgaria coalition, the DSB and the Green Movement, are also expected to receive negotiating mandates so that Democratic Bulgaria can participate as a whole in the process.

Yesterday the co-chairs of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev held framework leadership meetings with “There is such a people”, BSP and “Democratic Bulgaria”.

According to Petkov, the process of entering into negotiations was specified at them. He also announced that the intention is to propose a coalition agreement. After the talks, Petkov summed up that the formations he met realized how important it is to have a government.

In the coming days, working groups on topics should be broadcast and they should talk about programs.

At last night’s meeting with Democratic Bulgaria, no names for ministerial posts were discussed, except for the resignation of Ivan Geshev as chief prosecutor.

In the words of the chairman of “Yes, Bulgaria!” in the resignation of Hristo Ivanov, they are hopeful and look with optimism at what is beginning.



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