“Yemen – The Business Wars” – Book by Romain Molina and Buthaina Faroq

With this book, Romain Molina talks about the politicization of football. “We realized with the testimonies collected, thatAl Qaeda au Yemen he organized soccer tournaments to recruit young people when the state was so understaffed that there was nothing for young people. They used soccer tournaments, some Al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen were great soccer players before they were recruitedS.”
Continue with other striking examples: “in 2014, during the Gulf Cupthe Yemen he went home and was hailed a hero despite winning no games and scoring zero goals, only to have drawn two. The prime minister told the coach that his team has done more for national reconciliation than us in 20 yearsS.”

Why decided to highlight the Yemen ? “Why don’t we talk about it enough, there is a terrible war that has been going on for more than 7 years. After all, the name of the football federation is also the name of a warlord who got rich thanks to the war and who is welcomed at the Fifa. I think it shows the hypocrisy of the world football body. And I met some fabulous Yemenis there and it’s interesting to talk about them..”

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