Yellow Diamond ML 2021, here are the info and facts, Diamond Kuning ML 2021 – Mobile legends has become the most popular moba game by players in the country. Of the many existing MOBA game titles, mobile legends are still the most played. This certainly shows that the game is indeed very interesting, so it makes many people interested in trying it.

One of the most interesting things about the game made by Moonton is related to the event. There are many events that provide cool prizes for all players, and often for free. One of the events that is currently a hot topic among ml players is Diamond Kuning ML 2021. Want to know the complete info? See below.

The 2021 ML Yellow Diamond is

Diamonds are items that can be used to buy other items in the mobile legends game. The diamond can be obtained by doing a top up. But there is a different new type of diamond. This new type cannot be obtained through top up. If in general diamond ml is purple, the new type is golden yellow. This yellow diamond is being discussed a lot by fans. What exactly is the yellow diamond?

Actually yellow diamond is another name for the ML diamond Promo Event, which was once held in October 2020. The prize for the event is a yellow diamond. At the promo event, players can buy premium items at high prices using only 1 yellow diamond. Yellow diamond ml per unit has a greater value than purple diamond. So don’t be surprised if the price of premium items, which reaches thousands of purple diamonds, can be purchased with only 1 yellow diamond.

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How to Get ML Yellow Diamonds

To get diamond ml in general, players can top up, use the redeem code, or participate in events with free diamond prizes. Now, for yellow diamonds, it cannot be obtained through top up or redeem codes. You can only participate in the Diamond ml Promo event. By completing the missions at the event, players will get a yellow diamond as a prize. Which can later be exchanged for premium items and skins.

So it’s not easy to get the yellow diamond. In addition, at the diamond ml promo event, there are many lists of attractive prizes for the participants. The opportunity to get the prize you are looking for is also more certain, because it doesn’t use a spin or gacha system. The important thing is to complete many event missions, to collect a lot of yellow diamonds. Then it can be exchanged for the desired premium gift list. Therefore, fans are really looking forward to the presence of this event again in 2021.

When will the newest ML Yellow Diamond Event Start

Info about the diamond ml promo event until now there has been no confirmation from Moonton. So still have to wait for the official news. However, leaks circulated that the profitable event would be back around April or May this year. The leak is indeed still a rough estimate, which is not necessarily the case.

Well, that was interesting information about the 2021 ML Yellow Diamond. By now, you must have understood what a yellow diamond is in the ml game. That’s it for now, this article. Hopefully, Moonton will hold the event with the yellow diamond prize again.

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