Year of seniors. Valorisation, 13 and 14 as Christmas gifts for pensioners

34 thousand 133 zlotys – this is the highest pension paid in Poland. A man who worked exactly 62 years worked for it. Industry? Production of lead, tin and zinc. According to the information from the Social Insurance Institution, he was never a director, never held a managerial position. Oh, a manual worker.

For over six decades of paying contributions, he raised PLN 2.4 million in old age. He is 86 years old. And he is just starting to spend his pension capital.

According to ZUS data, high pensions in Poland are mainly the domain of men. Of the five highest benefits, four belong to the gentlemen. The second highest payment from ZUS is 28 thousand. PLN 650. This is what an 83-year-old who has worked for 59 years gets every month. In total, during this time he collected PLN 2.2 million from contributions.

Poland’s rating is stable. Is this the green light for further debt?

According to the information of the Department, he worked in the industry responsible for the production of plastic plates, sheets and pipes.

Top 5 pensions paid to men: Who gets?
PLN 34,133 An 86-year-old who has worked 62 years. He collected PLN 2.4 million of pension capital. He worked in the lead, zinc and tin industries
PLN 28 650 An 83-year-old who has worked for 59 years. He collected a total of PLN 2.2 million. According to data from ZUS, he worked in the industry related to the production of plastic plates and pipes.
PLN 23 797 A 79-year-old who has worked for 57 years. He collected 2.3 million zlotys of pension capital. He was active in the implementation of construction projects.
PLN 23,512 82-year-old who worked 57 years. He collected PLN 1.9 million. According to ZUS data, he worked in scientific and development research in the field of natural and technical sciences.
23 238 PLN An 80-year-old who has worked for 56 years. He collected PLN 2.1 million of pension capital. He’s a specialist doctor.

The third highest benefit in Poland belongs to the woman. She worked for 61 years and collected a total of PLN 1.8 million in contributions. The 82-year-old was active in the financial sector. Interestingly, the second-highest pensioner on the list receives a pension of PLN 16,000. PLN 364. She worked for 54 years and collected PLN 2.2 million.

On the basis of the collected capital, it can be seen that she had the chance to receive the highest benefit in Poland, as long as she would work longer. Why? She retired earlier and raised more capital than the person in the first place.

According to estimates, if it extended its activity by five years, it would have about PLN 2.8 million on its account.

Top 5 pensions paid to women: Who gets?
PLN 23 837 An 82-year-old who worked 61 years. She collected 1.8 million PLN of pension capital. She was active in the financial sector.
PLN 16 364 A 74-year-old who worked 54 years. She collected PLN 2.2 million.
PLN 15 647 A 78-year-old who has worked for 51 years. She collected PLN 1.6 million of pension capital. She worked in managerial positions.
PLN 14,964 78-year-old who worked 50 years. The collected pension capital amounted to PLN 1.4 million. ZUS data shows that she operated in the medical industry.
PLN 14 883

According to ZUS data provided to, five women with the highest pensions and five men with the highest pensions receive PLN 219 thousand every month. PLN from ZUS. Most seniors have to look at such benefits with envy – the average for the whole country is 2.5 thousand. PLN.

Valorization and allowances

For retirees, however, 2021 will be extremely financially beneficial. In turn, it will be extremely demanding for the budget. Positive information will begin to reach seniors in March next year. Then the Social Insurance Institution will carry out indexation of the benefits (pensions) paid.

According to the preliminary budget assumptions, next year’s indexation will amount to 3.84 percent. At the same time, it will be a percentage-amount indexation, with a guaranteed bonus of PLN 50.

Indexation indicators in the last 20 years:

How will the increase affect benefits? Pension 1.5 thous. PLN in March 2021 will turn into PLN 1,557. Retirement 2,000 PLN will turn into a benefit worth PLN 2,076. Old-age pension of 3,000 PLN will turn into a benefit at the level of PLN 3,115. Nearly PLN 10 billion will go to seniors in this way.

How will seniors’ pensions change?

The indexation index mainly corresponds to the inflation – that is, the increase in the prices of goods and services – in the previous calendar year. Added to this is at least 20 percent. real increase in the average wage (also in the previous calendar year).

And here it is worth stopping by. This perfectly shows what valorization is. Its vast majority is maintaining the value of what pensioners already get. In other words: it is a compensation for rising prices in stores. And although a few dozen or several hundred zlotys more are added to the old-age or disability pension, the basket in the store can be filled to the same extent.

Only a small part of the valorization is an addition which they can treat as a raise. So the “profit” of seniors depends on the situation in the economy and how much wages are growing.

A year of 14 months

However, the allowances for seniors do not end there. In April next year, the 13th pension will go to them. This will amount to PLN 1,250 and will go to every senior citizen. This is another PLN 10 billion. You could say that it will be a budget-financed gift for Easter.

It is worth remembering that although the program is called the so-called With the 13th pension, it is not another benefit in the same amount as pensioners receive the previous 12 transfers. The “13” is worth the minimum pension in a given year (awarded after 20 years of work for women and 25 years for men). And this is currently planned for just over 1.2 thousand. PLN gross.

Another accessory – again you could say it’s a budget gift – will be delivered just before Christmas. Then the government of Mateusz Morawiecki and the Social Insurance Institution are to start paying the 14th pensions. And in this case it will be PLN 1250 again. Again, the entire operation will cost around PLN 10 billion.

In the case of the so-called The “14th” retirement will get one catch though. Not every senior will get it. Already in the Law and Justice program, you can read that the “14” will be awarded to those who do not exceed the agreed threshold of 120 percent. average pension. And this makes seniors who have over 3,000 PLN every month, they will say goodbye with the full allowance.

Their benefit will be paid in the “PLN for PLN” mode. If they exceed the threshold by PLN 100, the funds withdrawn will be reduced by this amount. This makes seniors with a pension worth around 4.3 thousand. PLN will not get anything anymore.

In one year, the government of the United Right will spend nearly PLN 30 billion extra on seniors’ benefits. PLN 10 billion will be spent on annual valorization, another PLN 10 billion will go to the “13th retirement pension”, and another PLN 10 billion to the “14th retirement pension”.

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