Ye: ‘God will bring me and Kim back together’ | Stars

“What God wants to see is that everyone can recover in relationships with one another. We all make mistakes, I made mistakes too. I’ve done things publicly that I shouldn’t and shouldn’t have done as a husband, but I want to change that. Today I’m standing here with a microphone in front of me, which I didn’t intend to do at all, but here I am. God will bring ‘Kimye’ back together because God has brought ‘Kimye’ together too,” said Ye, who visited Skid Row to exchange ideas with a nonprofit that helps the homeless.

The 44-year-old singer went even further about his former in-laws and lashed out at television channels E! and Hulu, which features the Kardashians’ reality shows. “I’ll let E! and Hulu don’t tell my family’s story, no way. I am the priest of my house and no one else.”

Pete Davidson

While Ye was raving about his failed marriage, his ex-wife-to-be was spotted once again with comedian Pete Davidson. The two have been seen in each other’s company several times over the past few weeks and make no effort to hide their fling. “Kim is having fun with Pete, he makes her laugh. She is not looking for a steady relationship but just wants to have fun. They will see where the ship is stranded,” said a source.


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