Yara El Sokkary’s Debut in Miss Elite 2023 and Rumors Surrounding Her Relationship with Tamer Hosni

05:07 PM

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The artist, Yara El Sokkary, appeared for the first time in the Miss Elite 2023 competition, after news of her association with the artist, Tamer Hosni.

And she said, during her meeting with The Insider program in Arabic: “First, Miss Elite is an international beauty contest that is held with us in Egypt. By Miss Elite”.

It is worth noting that the name Yara El-Sukari was recently associated with the crisis of the artist Tamer Hosni’s separation from Basma Bousil, and a rumor spread of her association with him.

Producer and journalist Rami al-Sukkari denied recent rumors that the actress, Yara al-Sukkari, is the daughter of the great director Abdulaziz al-Sukkari, stressing that it is just a similarity in names.

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