Yanet García reveals that she is depressed for various reasons. What happened to her?

Yanet García caused great concern among his followers of Instagram after showing depressed because of various events that have made her reflect on life, happiness and even death.

Through a series of stories on her Instagram account the ex weather girl spoke about the ‘new normal’ because of the pandemic of Covid-19, which has affected all areas around the world. A change to which it is difficult to adapt.

In this way Yanet García She accepted feeling like a carousel of emotions, because although she tries to stay positive, she cannot ignore the sad reality that invades the world, where thousands of people have lost their jobs or, in the worst case, have lost the battle against the Coronavirus.

Yanet García reveals feeling depressed

The former climate girl pointed out that this situation has affected all socioeconomic levels, because even the people with the highest incomes have also been harmed in some way, ensuring that money does not bring happiness.

Regarding this topic, Yanet García spoke about the Steve Bing’s death, a famous film producer who recently committed suicide by jumping from the 27th floor of his building, where the former weather girl lives with Lewis Howes.

Close up on Steve Bing’s suicide!

This unfortunate event had a great impact on the former climate girl, who revealed that she was affected by all these situations, which are not only happening around her but throughout the world.

It may interest you Yanet García and Lewis Howes show love on Instagram, the perfect couple!

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Finally, Yanet García invited his followers to maintain a positive attitude as much as possible, pointing out that this bad moment will very soon only be a bitter memory.


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