‘Yadthip’ disputes popular claims, confirms husband’s presence in Thailand, refuting the notion of his escape to England.

‘Yadthip’ retorted the famous page, posted and said Husband fled to England, confirmed still in Thailand

from the case Mr. Rama Rasameerama or Mek husband Yardthip Rajapal Named to be involved in the FOREX-3D Ponzi scheme after the DSI investigated the property as a penthouse in the Sukhumvit area of ​​Mr. Rama Rasameerama or Mek, the husband of actress Yardthip Rajpal, with a transfer. change hands The DSI therefore sent the case to the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO). AMLO resolved to freeze the said penthouse. and summoned to clarify the source Later, clarification from Yardthip Rajapal

And recently, the famous page has posted a message that Mr. Rama Rasmi Rama or Mek has fled to England. I don’t know if he will come back. If not, Yadthip will go to prison instead of her husband. Don’t think that you can survive the money laundering case. When you go to jail, the whole family goes together.

Later, Yardthip Ratchapal posted an IG story. counter the page stating that write like you really know It seems like I know everything. Stay at home. Stay at home in Bangkok. Live with both parents and children. Follow every process It’s correct.

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