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Thanks Xin. (Photo / Extract from Facebook / Xie Xin)

Actress Xie Xin suffered a setback in her acting career in 2019 due to an extramarital affair with A Xiang. After a period of silence, she became active again. However, Xie Xin suddenly expressed her feelings about her yesterday (6th) night and it seems like she doesn’t need to think too much about disconnecting a relationship. As soon as the post came out, many people guessed the target was Britney, to which Britney reluctantly responded. After becoming a mother, the people who interacted most often were the mother group.

Xie Xin said last night (6th) that she was learning the life lessons of renunciation and began examining the ones that were no longer important, except for donating unused clothes and sealing books that would not be read again. , “Friends., This is probably the case.” She said bluntly, as if she had forgotten when the idea of ​​cleaning up friendships began.

Xie Xin described that it seems that he doesn’t need to think too much about breaking up a relationship, because he is already preparing and there is not much reluctance, because he knows he has already been abandoned, those who are gone, who are gone. they are gone and those that have been cut. , you don’t have to be sad about it, because they don’t belong to you at all. As for those who are left, those who have done their best to pull you will be the precious ones that have always belonged to you.

Xie Xin sighed, “Maybe every journey in life is just a taste, but all that can remain is good. Who is there and who is not? No more need to investigate, whether happy or sad, good or bad, Everyone lives in the moment, everyone is wonderful. ” In the message, a fan named Wang Shaowei. Xie Xin replied: “He Ha (held) all the time”.

Given that a few days ago it was reported that Xie Xin and Brittany had a cold interaction during the dramatic press conference, many people foolishly imagined that Xie Xin was talking about Britney. According to “Sanli News Report”, Xiao Tiantian replied that she rarely contacted Xie Xin, but she Xie Xin she was not the only one of her. She rarely contacted many friends. After becoming a mother, she often interacted with the mother group.

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