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Reporter Fang Jialin / Taipei Report

Xiaoxian today (23rd) served as the guest of the agency’s owner Matsuda Maruko’s 25th Anniversary POSA Concert, and Matsuda Maruko held the “Goddess Kaka’s Concert for Pei Zhen, Xiaoxian, Ke Yiruan Ruby and others in 2019. “When asked why I only invited Xiaoxian as a guest today, Matsuda Maruko laughed and said that Xiaoxian liked the songs that Xiaoxian sang at the concert at that time, so she changed it to a two-person version at the solo concert this time. There were even surprises. The “Kiss of Epidemic Prevention” instantly heated up the atmosphere.

▼▲The kiss of epidemic prevention between Xiaoxian and the boss instantly raised the atmosphere of the scene. (Photo by reporter Fang Jialin)

Xiaoxian now moves to Hengchun, Pingtung. The owner Matsuda Maruko said, “The company respects the choice of artists. This is our company’s unchanging principle. It is good to do some different trials and experiences.” As for whether you are worried about Xiaoxian’s flash marriage Matsuda Maruko said with a smile: “Flash marriage is very good, just happy.” Xiaoxian herself said, “Nowadays you have to think about marriage a lot.” You can’t be like a little girl. She used to fantasize about her dream marriage. As far as King Kong’s idea of ​​marriage is the same? Xiaoxian said that “he knows my status quite well”, and after the epidemic slows down, King Kong may continue to complete his acting career in Hong Kong, and revealed that he is inviting a lot of appointments, and that being unable to fly really has a big impact on his career.

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▲Xiaoxian revealed that a healthy betel nut will be developed next, which can be eaten by adults and children. (Photo by reporter Fang Jialin)

Today King Kong also loves to be with him, waiting for Xiaoxian to take the stage in the lounge. As for whether the two will meet each other’s parents this Lunar New Year, Xiaoxian said that the two will celebrate the new year separately, and revealed that their parents have never seen King Kong, even if The news reported that the two of them confessed their love, but they did not ask too much. It made Xiaoxian feel quite magical, but she also worried that her father who practiced martial arts would bully her boyfriend. She laughed and said, “I won’t take home so soon.” Mentioned that when he brought his boyfriend home, Dad would show some martial arts in front of him, such as cheating and other martial arts moves, which made Xiaoxian dumbfounded and said, “Showing his martial arts, maybe I want the other party to know that my daughter is not It’s bully, but I personally think it’s quite naive.”

As for the next plan in Pingtung, Xiaoxian said that at present, the night market can only be set up once a week. She usually spends a small amount of money, and she used to have a habit of saving money. She always set up stalls with the mentality of making friends. “I didn’t care too much about income. It’s more practical to make friends. I started to be more familiar with the store. The significance of setting up a stall is not only making friends, but also experiencing the joy and hardship of the industry.” Xiaoxian also mentioned that Pingtung people like to eat betel nuts. At present, we have begun to develop a healthy-eating betel nut, and we have found a good manufacturer to cooperate to produce a healthy betel nut that can be chewed by adults, children and the elderly.

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