Xiaomi wireless headphones

For some years now, the trend has been to abandon the use of wired headphones and increase the use of wireless headphones, and now thanks to the super price of Xiaomianyone can listen to music or make calls without putting the phone close to their ear or using annoying tangled cables.

As the title of this note says, Xiaomi wireless headphones (Redmi AirDots) are offered only 3 euros, that is about 60 Mexican pesos. In addition to this, the shipping cost is 0 pesos, the only downside is the possibility that they will run out. However, to get them, you have to meet some requirements.

To buy Xiaomi wireless headphones you need to use a new account in AliExpresssince the new user bonus is the key to buying hearing aids at just 60 Mexican pesos; undoubtedly an offer never seen before on the market.

Redmi AirDots

In addition to the outrageous price, Xiaomi headphones fit perfectly in the ears thanks to the pads they are equipped with. Furthermore, another of its advantages is that they are small and light, as well as having a beautiful and minimalist designwhich allows you to hang out with them wherever you go and regardless of what activity you are doing with these positions.

Meanwhile, due to the technology True wireless stereo You can enjoy good sound quality, so while you can’t expect it from headphones for just 60 pesos, the truth is that they sound pretty good.

Other than that, another advantage of the Redmi AirDots is that they work on any smartphone, so it doesn’t matter if your smartphone is not Xiaomi, they will work great on Sony or Samsung.

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Though They promise up to 5 hours of battery life on a single chargeyou can use their charging case, so you can store them and let them recover energy quickly with the possibility of extending their life up to 20 hours.

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