Xiaomi will not give the MIUI update to these models! Here is the list!

Xiaomi‘s most popular released 3 years ago 9 devices are now MIUI 12.5 Beta will get its update for the last time. These devices were Xiaomi’s devices that broke the sales record and are still sold 3 years later. The update support of these devices, which still have many users, is nearing the end.

These Android 12 devices that will not receive the update. MIUI 13 based on Android 11 they will get the update. Who will receive the last MIUI 12.5 Beta update on November 26, 2021 MIUI 13 of 9 devices Update support will end completely after you get the version.

Here are the devices that will get MIUI 13 for the last time and not Android 12!

  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE
  • Xiaomi Mi CC 9
  • Xiaomi Mi CC 9 Meitu
  • Redmi K20
  • Redmi K20 Pro
  • Redmi Note 8
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

But don’t worry, most of these devices are only a few months old MIUI It’s getting basic updates. It wasn’t receiving any baseline, hardware, or optimization updates. These devices are also They will also receive the MIUI 13 update. MIUI 13 will still be released for these models. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any further updates.

These models Android 12 won’t get it, However MIUI 13 based on Android 11 interface will still be released for them. They will get MIUI 13 next year.



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