Xiaomi – this will be the biggest asset of Redmi K60 smartphones

Xiaomi is preparing to launch a new generation of quality / price smartphones on the market in the form of Redmi K60. The launch will occur in China first, with a gradual rollout in other regions and major global markets throughout 2023.

It should be noted right away that the Redmi K60 will arrive in Europe with a new name, most likely through the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 range. Furthermore, some of these models will take on new identities through POCO and its line of Android smartphones.

Xiaomi is preparing to present the new range of Redmi K60 smartphones

However, the point to remember is the fact that at least one of the models in the Redmi K60 range brings an unprecedented attribute to this price range/mid range segment.

More specifically, fast charging via USB-C with up to 120W of power for a full charge in around 15 minutes.

Confirmation can now be given by verifying a Xiaomi smartphone with model number 22122RK93C, which has already been certified by the Chinese 3C agency.

Xiaomi Redmi K60

The best of everything? This terminal, which is believed to be the basic version of the Redmi K60, brings charging to 67W, already confirmed by the aforementioned Chinese market regulatory agency.

At the same time, we also have a second model, the 22101320C, which is believed to be the basis of the POCO X5 5G which is also verified by the 3C agency.

Finally, we have a third Xiaomi smartphone model with the model number 22127RK46C also claimed by the same entity responsible for regulating the mobile market in China.

Extra fast charging for mid-range smartphones in 2023

Our attention will mainly rest on the last mentioned model, the 22127RK46C which is believed to be the flagship model for the upcoming Redmi K60.

This is the cell phone that should integrate MediaTek’s latest medium/high-end processor, the Dimensity 8200, one of the best cost/benefit chips on the market.

At the same time, the smartphone is expected to feature an AMOLED screen with a high image refresh rate of up to 120Hz, Full-HD+ resolution and a punch-hole in the center for the front camera.

Xiaomi Redmi K60 Pro

There’s also an unconfirmed claim of a 5,500mAh battery capacity, up from the standard 5,000mAh found in most Android smartphones.

Finally, on the Redmi K60 Pro we also have wireless charging up to 30W, which would once again be a novelty for mid-range smartphones. Note that so far loading wireless it’s good (on purpose) saved just for the flagships to reach the market.

In addition, the base model of the Redmi K60 range has 67W charging, the same power as the current Xiaomi 12, already surpassed by the Xiaomi 12T range with 120W.

The range of smartphones could redefine the quality bar for the mid-range

Xiaomi should also use Qualcomm’s former high-end processor, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in one of the Redmi K60 variants, possibly in the model that will be launched by POCO, or the POCO X5 5G. At the moment, however, we are not sure of the dubious nature of some information leaks.

However, the Redmi K60 range can once again redefine the quality standard expected from a mid-range smartphone. However, we hope that its eventual arrival in Europe will not also redefine the price of a mid-range mobile phone in 2023.

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