Home Technology Xiaomi showed a smartphone with the fastest display

Xiaomi showed a smartphone with the fastest display

The company is testing in laboratory conditions the version of the Redmi K30 5G smartphone with a refresh rate of 144 Hz – this is a record figure in smartphones.

The refresh rate shows how many times per second the display changes. The higher the indicator, the smoother and more responsive the picture looks. Usually, gamers value this indicator when choosing a monitor, but recently smartphone manufacturers have begun to abandon the classic 60 Hz and on sale you can find models with 90 Hz or even 120 Hz.

In the Redmi K30 test video with a 144 Hz display, you can see how the animation looks at different refresh rates:

It is not known at what resolution the display works in the experimental Redmi K30 model. The original model has an IPS matrix with Full HD resolution. And it is not known whether such a smartphone will appear on sale or whether the ability to overclock the display to 144 Hz will appear with a firmware update.

This is also interesting.


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