Xiaomi presents its new masterpiece, Redmi Note 9 .. and bids farewell to the mistakes of the past

The Chinese company Xiaomi announced the official launch of the latest series of its smartphones, the Redmi Note 9, in China today, through the regular, 5G and Pro version of them, and the entire series will arrive in the Chinese market first by the 1st of next December ..

Today, the Chinese company Xiaomi launched the official launch of the modern series of its Redmi Note 9 smartphones in China today, through the regular, 5G and Pro version of them, and it is assumed that the entire series will appear in the Chinese market by December 1.

IPhone lovers:

The leading competitor X category has been able to attract and force millions of users who are iPhone enthusiasts, who are the most famous in the world, since its first appearance in 2017, a full-screen experience without a home button has been provided within the history of the iPhone, in addition to a powerful battery and camera While the only drawback is that high price, with that offer, it is possible to purchase your copy at the lowest possible price.

The data leakage scandal implicating Facebook:

Facebook was involved in a new scandal related to the leakage of its users’ data in a country, which in turn was imposed a heavy fine on the communication giant after conducting a criminal investigation.

Victims of India and China tensions:

Xiaomi and Apple have become the latest victims of recent tensions between India and China. According to Reuters, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been hindering the import of smartphones since last August.

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