Xiaomi presents HyperCharge: charge from 0% to 100% in 8 minutes

Sadly, most manufacturers tend to focus on the camera and the power of their devices. However, there is at least one that is putting its efforts where it really matters: the drums. Xiaomi has just presented its fast charging technology called HyperCharge, which offers results never seen before.

Xiaomi posted a video on YouTube showing HyperCarge technology in action, using a 4000 mAh smartphone as an example. First of all, the 200W wired load was presented: with it, the cell phone went from being totally discharged to reaching 10% battery in 44 seconds; to 50% battery in 3 minutes; and to reach 100% in just 8 minutes.

On the other hand, the 120W wireless charging was presented, which although it is slightly slower, avoids the problem of having to connect cables. With it, the same 4000 mAh cell phone reached 10% battery in one minute; to 50% in 7 minutes; already 100% in 15 minutes. Check out the video below:

Xiaomi did not explain when it plans to start including this technology in its commercial chargers, that is, when the average consumer will be able to start using it. It must be remembered that such levels of energy transfer can generate a great deal of heat, which is obviously very harmful to devices. It seems that the company has already achieved exceptionally fast charging, so now it only has to focus on making it safe for devices and people.

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