Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier 600G: Advanced Seven-Stage Filter for Safe and Cheap Drinking Water

  • MIJIA Water Purifier 600G is a new water purifier from Xiaomi
  • It will be available for the equivalent of 5,200 crowns without tax

A new product from Xiaomi has been introduced in China, namely another water purifier, this time with the MIJIA 600G label. It is apparently a continuation of the year-old Xiaomi H800G Pro and offers a decent ratio between price and performance.

Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier 600G is equipped advanced seven-stage filter, while the company claims that even children can safely consume water purified by this purifier. The device uses front pump as its filter element, which is also easily replaceable. Inside the purifier are PPC composite filter elements and reverse osmosis filter elements (a process in which water is forced under pressure through a special membrane that removes impurities and salts) that allow seven levels of fine filtration.

The filter element for reverse osmosis lasts up to 3 years and can clean up to 5000 liters of water in total. The pure water production rate of the MIJIA water purifier is to reach up to 68.5% at a flow rate of 1.58 l/minute. Xiaomi let it be known that one liter of pure water costs about 0.04 yuan, that is, about 12 pennies.

The Xiaomi MIJIA 600G water purifier also supports clean water reverse flow technology. The noise of the cleaner reaches a value 53 dB. On the front, in addition to the buttons, there is also a display that shows you all the necessary information. If that is not enough for you, you can also connect the cleaner to the application. At the moment it is sold in China for 1,699 yuan, which is about 5,300 crowns without tax. It probably won’t just look in Europe, but it is possible that it will appear on Aliexpress in some time.

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Source: gizmochina.com

2023-06-03 14:00:52
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