Xiaomi launches pot 10 times cheaper than a Thermomix

Xiaomi It never stops surprising us with new and interesting products for the home. A good example of this is the new Xiaomi Mijia Smart IH Multifunctional Cooking Pota multifunctional pot loaded with over 100 smart recipes.

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The Asian brand has presented in China its new one multi-function intelligent cooking potwith a groundbreaking price: 125 euros to change, but it is not yet known if it will arrive in Spain. Although it integrates a traditional design with respect to Chinese culture, thanks to its accessories you can choose to have a 4-liter capacity pot.

Far from the pressure cookers that many of us are used to, the Mijia Intelligent IH multifunction cooker is a device that allows frying, stewing and cookingamong many other things, without having to change tools, quickly and easily.

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This is the new Xiaomi multifunction pot

The Mijia Intelligent IH offers a design that, a priori, is reminiscent of a fryer. It is made up of three differentiated parts between the upper lid, the pot itself and a lower area that serves to house the controls formed by a selector with a small circular OLED screen, from which to control some parameters and the basic buttons.

Through the OLED panel we can see from the temperature itself to the different ingredients that we will have to add to our recipe depending on the one we choose to cook. And it is that thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, we can control this pot from the mobile with the ‘Mi Home’ app and access more than 100 recipes. Plus, as if that weren’t enough, the recipes built into the pot are concocted by internet celebrities as well as professional chefs.

The Mijia Intelligent Ih has a basket with a 4 liter maximum capacity and offers up to 99 power levels to adapt to the different dishes that you want to prepare. It also integrates 7 temperature modes to cook in different ways and has a heating power of up to 2,000W.

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Besides, the pot integrates a security system that sets the device in a protection state in case the system overheats to avoid burns or accidents in the kitchen.

Finally and unfortunately, this smart pot from Xiaomi has been presented exclusively in China. Its price is around 899 yuan, which in exchange would be about 125 euros. It is not known if Xiaomi will choose to bring her to Europe, but she is really tempting.

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