Xiaomi 11T Review: The Best Gaming Mobile with the Latest Chipset, Long Lasting Battery at a Price of Only 6 Million

INFOSEMARANGRAYA.COM – Xiaomi seems to want to repeat the success of the Mi 11T product through Xiaomi 11T so that price HP the latest is kept the same.

According to the Gadgetin YouTube channel, Xiaomi 11T pegged at price Rp5,999,000 (6 million) with chipset best MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Ultra.

The word “Ultra” itself means chipset it has been customized to better match the nature of the Mi 11T.

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Varian HP this itself there is only one that is 8/256 GB.

Having the specifications as above, it feels like every job can be brushed by Xiaomi 11T.

For those of you who have needs gaming, HP this can be used to play Mobile Legends.

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No need to worry about installing settings and frame rate maximum with a cool temperature because MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Ultra has been installed which is a chipset latest

Good news for those of you who play PUBG Mobile, Xiaomi 11T this can even be used on smooth settings at 90 frame per second.



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