Xiao S encountered super difficult interviews with “big actors” and exploded after work: if you say a few more words, you will die | Entertainment | CTWANT

In “Miss Buxi Di”, Xiao S talked about the celebrities who had been difficult to visit when she hosted “Kangxi Is Coming” in the past, which made her angry. (Picture / Flip from Facebook / Xiao S Xu Xidi)

Xiao S (Xu Xidi) has made her debut for many years and has a long-standing reputation in the hosting industry for her humorous and sharp style. In the new program “Miss Buxi Di”, which aired this year, she talked a lot about the experience of encountering difficult-to-access celebrities when she hosted “Kangxi Is Coming” in the past. Seeing this, Cai Kangyong reassured him, “Calm down, they are great actors.”

Xiao S shared in the program “Miss Buxi Di” that the “very powerful senior actor” wore sunglasses from the beginning to the end of the program recording, so she could hardly know the other party’s expressions or reactions, which undoubtedly increased the number of interviews. Difficulty. She also pointed out that when the other party receives a question, not only does it take a long time to think, but most of the replies do not have much substance.

Xiao S asked the other party, “You are so good at acting, what about your personal life? Do you like reading books?”, the actor thought for a long time and only replied, “I read books. The interview process made Xiao S very mad, so she quietly hinted to Cai Kangyong on the side, “Do you want to end it?”

Cai Kangyong then changed to a more professional interview, “In that drama, will the role you play give you any new acting?” Unexpectedly, the actor continued the answering style just now, “It’s nothing special, Even after she has acted, she will know how to act.” After seeing this, Xiao S thought to herself, “You gave me this answer for so long.” She also admitted that at the moment of the interview, her entire back was almost soaked.

After the visit, Xiao S still maintained a professional attitude and bid farewell to each other. After confirming that the other party was gone, she could not help but spray into the backstage dressing room, “If you say a few more words, you will die!” Cai Kangyong, who was on the side, comforted him when he saw this, “You calm down, they are big Actors, a lot of actors are like that.”

After the interview with the actor at that time, Xiao S returned to the dressing room and couldn’t help but scolded, “If you say a few more words, you will die!” (Photo/Retrieved from YouTube/Miss Buxidi)

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