Xi Jinping dan Vladimir Putin

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Coal prices moved down in last week’s trading. Thus, the price of the black stone even plummeted for four consecutive weeks.

Over the past week, the price of coal on the Newcastle (Australia) ICE market decreased by 4.13% on a point-to-point. In weekend trading, the price of this commodity closed at US$ 147.25/ton, the lowest since November 2.

This week’s correction made coal prices officially fall for four consecutive weeks. In those four weeks, the price fell 38.98%. Wow…

What can be done, previously the price of coal has risen so sharply. Even in a way year-to-date coal prices still posted an increase of 80.12% point-to-point. In the past year, the price of coal has more than tripled.

The taller the tree, the higher the wind that blows it. So are asset prices. The higher the price, the higher the risk of profit taking because the time will surely come when investors want to withdraw the profits that have been obtained.

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