Xi Jinping assured Donald Trump that China is “completely capable” of stopping the coronavirus epidemic

The Chinese president, Xi Jinping assured his US counterpart Donald Trump on Friday that his country is “completely capable” of stopping the coronavirus epidemic, the public media reported.

I affirm that China is waging a “people’s war” against the epidemic, with a “national mobilization” and “very strict prevention and control measures”, according to statements cited by the national television CCTV.

According to the news agency Xinhua, Xi Jinping also asked the United States to react “reasonably” to the epidemic, which has infected more than 31,000 people, of which 636 have died, according to a last balance released this Friday.

Donald Trump “expressed his confidence in China‘s strength and resistance to face the challenge of the new outbreak of coronavirus” and both leaders “agreed to continue broad communication and cooperation,” affirmed the White House.

Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the United States of “creating and sowing panic” around the new coronavirus that appeared in December in central China.

“The US government was the first to evacuate the staff of its consulate in Wuhan (the city most affected by the epidemic), to suggest the partial withdrawal of its staff from the embassy and to impose a ban on entry to Chinese travelers”said Hua Chunying, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“He hasn’t stopped creating and spreading panic, which is a very bad example,” he told the press.

China took exceptional measures on January 23, quarantining the city of Wuhan (center), epicenter of the new virus, and its 11 million inhabitants.

(With information from AFP)

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