Xeraco plans another access to the N-332 to avoid the passage of 300 trucks a day

Near 300 trucks cross Xeraco daily by the Ronda de Bruguieres to load merchandise in various local companies. A situation that the city council wants to eradicate since it has become a problem for neighborsNot only because of the dangerous passage of large tonnage vehicles, but also because of the noise nuisance they cause or the damage to the asphalt on this street.

To put an end to this situation, the executive has planned the design of a new road that avoids this. Mayor Avelino Mascarell has presented allegations to its own General Urban Development Plan (PGOU) with the aim of putting an end to this situation. The first mayor has incorporated into the document the layout of a street that links the main point of passage of this type of vehicle with the N-332.

It is a road that would go from the roundabout where the main companies are located on the road that also goes to the beach and he would make his way behind the CEIP Joanot Martorell and between the cemetery to reach the National, although before you will run into the difficulty of having to execute an overpass to be able to cross the train tracks.

Mascarell has explained to THE PROVINCES that in his electoral program he already included the proposal at the request of the neighbors. “It is necessary to avoid that 300 trucks per day pass through the round”, has pointed out the popular mayor, who has highlighted that it is a street that was designed in the 80s but in which now it is necessary to decongest traffic. The first mayor points out that the asphalt has been damaged by the large number of trucks that circulate, as well as by its weight and dimensions, but to this are added the inconveniences that they cause to the neighbors and assures that already “There are buildings that have suffered from vibrations”.

The Ronda de Bruguieres is a short kilometer away but concentrates all the traffic in the municipality. Access from the N-332 located to the south of the town forces vehicles to circulate along this road to access companies, except those that are in the polygon, or those that circulate in the direction of Xeraco beach, therefore that has become the point of highest traffic.


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