Xenophobic attack on the daughter of Aminatou Haidar in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria | BE Las Palmas

As the Cadena SER has learned, Aminatou Haidar’s daughter suffered on the afternoon of this past Wednesday in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria an attack by a group of young people. Some facts that have been confirmed by the Saharawi activist herself and that have already been reported to the National Police.

The aggression occurred when the young woman, dressed in typical Saharawi clothing, was walking along the More de Gaminde street of the capital when he saw surprised by her attackers, who got out of a vehicle and began to beat her and then flee. Haidar, who has preferred not to make statements, has stated that he is saddened by the latest racist and xenophobic acts that are taking place in the Canary Islands and asks the Government of Spain to address the migration crisis as soon as possible.

In a textual way, he has recognized that he prefers “not to mention the Canary Islands for an act of violence and aggression” and that he cannot say “nothing bad about the Canaries of which the Sahrawis have never been afraid.”

The attack on Haidar’s daughter is not the only one that in recent days has occurred in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with clear xenophobic and racist overtones after tension has increased between some residents of the island due to the management of the central Executive in immigration matters. In the El Lasso neighborhood, the Cruz Blanca Foundation has denounced that in just five days, seven Moroccan men between 18 and 45 years old have been attacked in the vicinity of CEIP León where they are currently being welcomed after having arrived on the island in patera or cayuco along with 300 other people. According to the NGO that manages this facility authorized by the Ministry of Migration, three of them have already filed a complaint.

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After the increase in tension in the neighborhood, he has recommended them not to go outside to preserve their “physical integrity.” The Foundation spokesman, Ignacio Gutiérrez, assures that some of the boys “have suffered several cuts to their heads after receiving stones from outside and when they began to leave the facilities they have been rebuked and insulted and even a 20-year-old was beaten up for which he had to be admitted“.

The Cruz Blanca Foundation has requested police reinforcement in the area and a meeting with the Government Delegation to put a stop to some attacks that, according to Gutiérrez, are promoted by minority groups encouraged by the false information that these days circulate on social networks. These attacks are taking a psychological toll on these young migrants who “They do not understand why these situations of hatred” towards them if “they have not done anything and are only trying to get their family to get ahead”, says this NGO worker.

For this Saturday the Government Delegation has authorized a demonstration against immigration in the south of Gran Canaria.

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