XCOM 2 Collection: Switch implementation is available

The XCOM 2 Collection is for Nintendo Switch released been. The implementation realized by Virtuos includes XCOM 2, four DLC packs (Resistance Pack, Anarchy Children, Alien Hunter, Shen’s Last Gift) and the expansion XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, whereby the extensions can also be deactivated. The collection costs 49.99 euros.

The physical box version contains an eight GB software card with two inserts from the main game (XCOM 2). The rest of the content needs to be downloaded. According to 2K Games, the total size of the download is no more than 25 GB.

Most recent video: Extended Trailer

Product description:

  • “XCOM 2: The aliens rule the earth and promise humanity a glorious future while secretly pursuing a sinister plan. As a leader of a guerrilla army, you must accomplish the impossible and spark global resistance to destroy the alien threat and humanity from being extinguished.
  • (DLC) Resistance Fighter Pack: Customize your Resistance Fighter Squad with bonus outfits, headgear, and custom armor and war paint. In addition, a survivor of the Old War is immediately activated as a recruit in the barracks.
  • (DLC) Children of Anarchy: This rebel-themed content pack offers more than 100 new extraordinary customizations for the entire armament arsenal of your XCOM soldiers. These options are purely cosmetic and have no effect on soldier values.
  • (DLC) Alien Hunters: Transform XCOM soldiers into an elite alien hunter squad with impressive new weapons and armor to face the new alien rulers who will follow your squad throughout the campaign. Includes additional cosmetic options for soldiers and the Avenger, as well as an epic new mission in which Central Officer Bradford leads the squad with the help of an old friend.
  • (DLC) Shen’s last gift: Examine the ADVENT facility “Lost Towers”, where chief engineer Lily Shen accompanies your squad in search of her late father’s last secret project. Discover a unique new soldier class with powerful new combat skills, game mechanics and customization options.
  • XCOM 2: War of the Chosen: This expansion offers extensive new content. In the fight against ADVENT, new resistance factions have formed to end the alien threat. “

Latest video: Switch trailer



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