Xbox Series X with no secrets. Microsoft reveals the details of the technology and confirms the very expensive SoC

Microsoft presented specific information about the Xbox Series X, thus revealing many interesting details about the device. The company did not want to tire us with boring talking at the promoted conference, and the most important details were presented as part of the presentation.

Sony at the beginning of “Road to PlayStation 5” tormented players with technological specifics about PS5. Microsoft did not follow this path, and although the details of the Xbox Series X were revealed at the conference (Hot Chips 2020), the company did not promote the event and did not invite all players to it.

Mark Grossman (the main architect of the GPU in the Xbox team) had the opportunity to present, among others, a photo of the GPU (Zen 2), which, according to official data, will be characterized by 52 computing blocks (in the photo we can see 56 CU). The company also mentions a special ray tracing acceleration, thanks to which the equipment is supposed to work up to 3 to 10 times better when using RT.

Microsoft also announces “other tricks” in which machine learning technology can be found and this will allow the console to scale resolutions quickly. The company is expected to provide a proposal similar to DLSS, as artificial intelligence will take care of adjusting the luminaire. The Americans also confirmed the use of Variable Rate Shading (VRS) – the technique allows to reduce shading in less important places to improve the performance of elements of the most visible places. According to Microsoft, VRS provides even a 10 to 30% increase in performance.

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As we could also expect – the SoC of the new Xbox will be more expensive, and according to the information presented, even much more expensive. The company uses an improved 7nm + process here, which is optimized for a higher density of transistors on a smaller matrix. The Xbox Series X’s chip has 15.4 billion transistors on a 7nm chip, which is a 133% increase over the 16nm FinFet SoC from the Xbox One X. This can of course make the the device will be more expensive – or Microsoft will pay more for the console from the premiere.

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 2

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 3

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 4

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 5

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 6

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 7

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 8

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 9

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 10

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 11

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 12

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 13

Xbox Series X - Technology Details - 14


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