Xbox Series X Rilis November 2020

REDMOND, – PlayStation 5 will be released later this year. It seems that the PlayStation 5 will coincide with the new console Microsoft, Xbox Series X.

Microsoft will introduce the Xbox Series X in November 2020. According to Microsoft, there will be thousands of games to play when the Xbox Series X launches.

“There will be thousands of games to play, spanning four generations, when the Xbox Series X launches globally this November from 100 games optimized for the Xbox Series X, built to take full advantage of our most powerful consoles, planned for this year,” said Microsoft. quoted from Ubergizmo, Wednesday (12/8/2020).

The new console previously had a timeline for launching the holiday season, but it didn’t explain the exact month. Now, Microsoft has narrowed down the information, saying November is the month to launch its newest generation of gaming devices.

Unfortunately, the exact launch date for the Xbox Series X is not yet known. Apart from that, the announcement comes with news about Microsoft’s decision to postpone the release of Halo Infinite.

The Halo Infinite game was revealed at E3 2018 and a 2020 release planned. However, the company chose to delay the game until 2021. The game was delayed from time to time to help with additional fixes and problems that arise.

Editor: Dini Listiyani

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