Xbox Series X has the price and date

On Wednesday afternoon, Microsoft unveiled the price and release date for its next-generation console, the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X will have a suggested retail price of 5499 Norwegian kroner, and will be released on 10 November.

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I yesterday we also got to know that the little brother console Xbox Series S will be released on the same date, with a suggested retail price of 3299 kroner. This is a smaller console, both physically and in terms of power, which, among other things, becomes fully digital without a disk drive.

Microsoft has not said much about what kind of guts the Xbox Series S features, but we do know that it has an NVME SSD of 512 gigabytes, and the box is 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X.

Creates subscription scheme

In the same breath, Microsoft says it will start letting customers subscribe to consoles and a variety of services for Christmas. This subscription scheme takes place in collaboration with Elkjøp and is called Xbox All Access.

There are two schemes: one where you subscribe to the Xbox Series S, and one where you subscribe to the Xbox Series X. These variants have not yet received Norwegian prices, but cost 25 and 35 dollars a month in the USA, respectively.

In addition to the consoles, you then get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play.

Xbox Game Pass Ulitimate has over 100 games that rotate in and out, taking you to play these games on PC or Xbox. All games created and released by Microsoft arrive there on the day of release, and never leave the service. In addition, the service has several major and third-party games. As part of the subscription, man also receives the online gaming service Xbox Live Gold.

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EA Play is a similar scheme for EA games, and is now relaxed here as well.

The binding period is two years.


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