Xbox Remix wireless controller from Microsoft made from recycled CDs and other materials unveiled to commemorate Earth Day

Microsoft earlier announced the launch of a mobile phone built to coincide with this year’s Earth Day.Sustainable Xbox Wireless Controllerwhich is made of old game controllers, car headlight covers, and recycled CDs, so that players can support the sustainable development of the environment with practical actions.

Microsoft launches Xbox Remix wireless controller made of recycled CDs and other materials in response to Earth Day

This wireless controller called Xbox Remix does not actually add any special functions. It is mainly composed of recycled resin and remanufactured materials in a ratio of one-third, including plastic water bottles, car headlight covers, and recycled CDs. As well as recycled Xbox One wireless controller components and remanufactured materials, and ensure the durability of the Xbox Remix wireless controller.

Due to the use of recycled materials, there will be special textures on the appearance, and each Xbox Remix wireless controller can have a unique appearance, and even present special texture effects on the controller holding area, trigger buttons, etc. , to pay tribute to the dynamic landscape performance of the earth.

微軟因應地球日推出以回收CD等材質打造的Xbox Remix無線控制器

Microsoft launches Xbox Remix wireless controller made of recycled CDs and other materials in response to Earth Day

In addition, the green tone on the housing, arrow keys, and buttons is inspired by the lichens (symbionts formed by fungi and green algae or blue-green bacteria) located in the Pacific Northwest on Earth.

In order to reduce the situation of players using disposable batteries, Microsoft has also bundled the Xbox Remix wireless controller with the Xbox rechargeable battery pack with a suggested price of $25, and offered it at a suggested price of $85, which is expected to be released on April 18. officially launched.

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