Xbox One X sales jumped to 747% on Amazon. People seem to be buying the old console instead of the Series X by mistake.

The intermediate generation system was officially discontinued in July.

Netizens have noticed that Amazon is seeing a significant jump in sales of the intermediate generation console Xbox One X, reaching at times 747%. Apparently, many buyers rushed to get the Xbox One Series X, mistakenly bought the old system.

Microsoft is to blame for putting Series S and Series X in stores in a limited number, which is why when typing “Xbox Series X” into the search, users received only Xbox One X from the systems available for purchase.

Xbox Series S and X pre-orders are officially available on September 22nd. Russian retail chains did not experience the excitement and buyers were able to buy new consoles without any problems, but in the USA and Europe, stores experienced a large influx of people who wanted to join the new generation and successfully collapsed.


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