Xbox Live Gold subscribers can play three parade creations for free

The Xbox Free Play Days action series continues, with gamers with Xbox consoles able to try out three fantastic games on the first weekend of December.

Subscribers to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can enjoy the last month of the year without enjoying the benefits of Free Play Days.

On the first weekend of December a Through the Microsoft Store, three games can be pocketed for free by subscribers to the service, which, if you like, can be kept at a discounted price even after the promotion.

The first game is story-centric Night Call will be what previously appeared on other platforms, such as PC and PlayStation, and in which we can roam the dark streets of modern Paris while hiding in the skin of a taxi driver.


The next free-to-play title is the most popular tactical shooting game, the Rainbow Six Siege, which, unlike the other works on the list, places great emphasis on environmental destruction and cooperation between players.

The last game will be the RiMS Racing motorcycle simulator, which appeared only three months ago. While the game hasn’t received overly positive reviews from critics as many have complained about the lack of content, it can still provide enjoyable recreation for those who enjoy motorsports thanks to its realistic mechanics.


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