Technology Xbox leader has a negative opinion on PlayStation and...

Xbox leader has a negative opinion on PlayStation and its exclusives


Those who have been in the gaming culture for a while know that when it comes to deciding on which platform to buy, one of the most important aspects is the exclusive games.

Report: Future WB Games games may be exclusive to Xbox

After all, what would be the joke of buying a platform where you can find exactly the same as any other? What would be the point that, for example, Super Mario will cease to be exclusive to Nintendo and it could also be acquired in Xbox and PlayStation?

I’d lose all sense that various companies launch their respective consoles. Or at least that’s a general point of view.

But for Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, the exclusive games undermine the nature of the video gameFor this should be based on uniting the community around their passion and not dividing it.

In interview with GamesIndustry.bizSpencer spoke about the differences in approaches between Xbox and PlayStation and said that what should be applauded are the loading times, the fidelity of the scenes, the frame rate and the latency, technologies in which Microsoft and Sony have put special care for their next generation consoles, and said what should be avoided is not letting people play.

Spencer is clear when referring to sony model, based on offering users games that can only be found on PlayStation.

He stressed that the model to follow is one that revolves around the player. ‘Our platform is not the center of strategy, our game is not the center of strategy. We want you to play the games you want to play, with the friends you want to play, on whatever device, said.

In the end, he insisted that gaming is entertainment and community, and that it prevents users from playing the experience they want -attention to the exclusive model- goes against the nature of video games.


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