Xbox is currently experiencing a record crash [update: seemingly fixed]

Xbox is currently experiencing a record crash [update: seemingly fixed]

At the moment, it appears that there are some major issues with Xbox achievements, and players in Xbox Series X cannot | S and Xbox One unlock achievements. It is said that Xbox 360 titles are still working normally. [updated]

Modernization: We’re now seeing several reports of players unlocking achievements correctly, so it looks like a fix is ​​happening – thanks to everyone reporting their own situations. Many are also looking at preventative unlocks for achievements during the outage, although some said they need to bring back the conditions that allow them to work, so it appears this can be changed on a case-by-case basis. . Fingers crossed for pops, tell us below if you have any other issues!

Original story: No, you’re not alone – Xbox Achievements isn’t unlocking properly for gamers at this time, and Xbox Support has been notified and we’re told they’re already looking for a fix. Several people have said that Xbox 360 Achievements are still unlocking normally, but after similar crashes in the past we’ve also seen reports of 360 Achievements that unlocked during downtime and failed to sync afterwards, so you might want to take the side of caution.

Xbox Achievements are not currently unlocking properly

It is hoped that all achievements unlocked during this outage will resume once the normal is restored, but since we won’t know until they are all back online, we advise against doing any achievement unlocking activities. When this does not happen.

We will try to update you about the outage and let you know when things are back to normal.

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